Processing Nepal

As I have been sitting at my work desk back in Bozeman this week, I have been trying to process all that happened in Nepal. I was overwhelmed with the work load that had been sitting before me. I have been able to make it through the work load faster than I thought.… Read the rest

And We’re Back!

First off, we are alive. We are also back home. We arrived back in Bozeman about 6pm on Saturday after four plane rides (21 hours worth), a nights stay in Bangkok, some short layovers (6 hours) and a 2 hour drive from Billings, MT. We both have plenty of stories to tell you over the next couple weeks.… Read the rest

Less than one week!

This coming Sunday we drive over to Billings to start our travels to Nepal. On Monday morning, we will be flying from Billings to Seattle to Tokyo to Bangkok (where we will spend the night in the airport) to our final destination¬†Kathmandu! I am nervous and excited. I am getting over being sick right now which is making it hard to finish all of the things we need to get done over here before we head out.… Read the rest

Nepal Team Funds Update

Just a quick little message to let all of you know how our team is doing as a whole for funding. We are at just below $2000 for what is still needed. Thank you so much to all of you that have continued to send us funds to support our team members.… Read the rest

Running-What are you?

I have got my self so booked solid every week, that I have meetings or some event in the morning and night most days of the week. I even throw in a lunch even now and then. I do not know how I got to this point, but there is something that I seem to always need to do for Nepal or life in general.… Read the rest

Last Nepal Funds Update & Prayer Requests

Brent and I are so close to getting all of the funds we need to go to Nepal. I want to encourage all of you who are still thinking about supporting us to still send money even though we wont need it. There are a few people in our group that do not have support like we do and we would love to bless them.… Read the rest


What a day today! First off, today is the day that we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead! What an amazing God to send his son to die on the cross for our sins! Another cool thing is that we get to celebrate this day and live our lives for him.… Read the rest

God Provides – Fundraising Update

A week after posting our last update about Nepal, God completely blessed us! Went from needing a couple thousand dollars to needing about one thousand! Our God never fails us! We just need to be heading in the direction that he wants us to go or else He answers our prayers in a way we were not expecting.… Read the rest

Nepal Fundraising

Over the last month, I have been spending most of my time organizing fundraiser events for our upcoming mission trip to Nepal. I am in charge of all of the fundraising as well as a few other tasks for preparing for Nepal. I am excited as the time is closing in.… Read the rest


I have a feeling that Brent and I are going to be MIA from the blogging world for most of this month. I am in charge of organizing all of the fundraisers for our trip to Nepal. I know we still need to fill you all in on that as well.… Read the rest

I’m alive (and I’ve been busy!)

Okay, so some of you non-facebook people have probably wondered if I have dropped off the face of the planet. If it wasn’t for Jess mentioning me every once and a while in a post, I would start to wonder to. The answer to the question of what I’ve been up to is a pretty long one, but to be quick I’ll sum it up in just a few words.… Read the rest

Writing Something Worth Reading

I have taken on the task of writing blog posts for my church website. I am excited to be writing about something that has a deeper meaning than myself and will glorify my God. Take a look at my first post! I hope you enjoy it. Plus take a moment too look around the website.… Read the rest