Son of the Mountain People

If you aren’t “in the know,” our son, Fitz Bergen Powell, was born to us 5:01pm Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21.25 in. long. Jess carried him 41 weeks. Jess was induced into labor with Pitocin and had her water broken mid day. She pushed hard for two whole hours!… Read the rest

The Waiting Game

We steadily approach the one week post due notch, 41 weeks, in a couple days. Baby Powell still sits tight. Jess’s induction is scheduled if he isn’t here by then. It’s crazy how something happening on a schedule outside of your immediate control can put you into an odd state of mind.… Read the rest

Closing Out (a community)

This is the last part of my “Closing Out” series; where I give the down-low of life when we moved from The Dalles, OR to Helena, MT.

I grew up in Dufur, OR, just down Highway 197 from The Dalles. As a kid, the function of The Dalles was grocery shopping and the occasional movie and dinner destination.… Read the rest

Closing Out (a church)

This is the third entry in “closing out,” a series where I lay bare some thoughts about our recent transition from the The Dalles, OR to Helena, MT. I started off talking about leaving a workplace and the challenges of leaving a job well. Following that, I finally posted something about our remodel project in The Dalles.… Read the rest

New Town, New Traditions

We’ve been living in Helena for almost two months now. Our apartment is mostly settled and ready for a baby boy any time now. We’ve started taking the steps toward integrating ourselves into the community of Helena. One of those steps was partaking in one of the largest events the city holds each year, Symphony Under the Stars.… Read the rest

Closing Out (a home)

When we moved to the Gorge, two and a half years ago, we envisioned living in Hood River or White Salmon. Close to work and close to play. The reality of the housing market kept us from our ideal spot and after a few months of living with Jess’s parents, we desired a place of our own.… Read the rest

Much Needed Family Time

With all the craziness of life going on. I have not spent the time with my family that they deserve. Either I’m home and busy, or gone entirely. At least that’s how it was. Now that the house is “done” and we are just days away from moving back to Montana, I’ve been able to spend some much needed time with my little family.… Read the rest

The Interim

I accepted the job, finished the house to get it on the market and drove out to Montana to work a couple weeks. We are full swing into a new chapter of life, yet this seems more like a prelude. Nothing is settled, everything feels up in the air. It makes me think of catching a pop-fly ball when you know you have it, but you’re momentarily blinded by the sun.… Read the rest

Closing Out (a job)

My current job, and in some ways my current career, is coming to an end. Since 2012, I’ve been the computer guy. You know, the one that tells you “turn it off, then turn it back on” to an alarming rate of success and who also hangs out next to you while your prior problem no longer presents itself (it’s magic).… Read the rest

The ‘Montana Powells’

We used to close out every card, newsletter and exhortation to visit with “The Montana Powells.” It was part of our identity. It succinctly summed up our lifestyle and way of life. And to boot, we were the only “Powells” living in Montana, at least from my family lineage. For 8 years that was who we were, and then we moved.

Read the rest

11 Years & Counting

It’s been 11 years since we said our “I do’s” and they have been the most amazing years. It’s crazy to look back on this time. We’ve traveled, made friends, made babies, laughed and cried together. And now, we are setting out on a new adventure…… Read the rest

Additional Titles

I work at Skyline Hospital as an IT administrator. I maintain computers, networks, and help out the hospital staff with their digital woes. It’s something I feel I’m good at, but to be honest, it’s not something I’m overly excited about. But a couple times a year, I get to put on my creative hat and do some photo a video work for the hospital.… Read the rest