Welcome to thepowell.com! The digital home to Brent & Jessica Powell. We hope that you enjoy our site and welcome any feedback that you may have. As with all things, this site is a work in progress, and will continually change, so check back often. We are currently residing in Helena, MT. Besides our day jobs, we spend our time serving the Lord, running, traveling as often as we can and taking pictures of way too many things. Please take the time to explore our blog and enjoy all these activities with us!

We met at Montana State University and haven’t been apart since. It was apparent from our first encounter that we would be friends for life! We were married in 2008 and are blessed to spend our lives together. We welcomed our firstborn, Elijah, into the world in October of 2015. After struggling through some miscarriages, we will be welcoming a new son into our lives in mid-August. We also have a rambunctious German Shorthaired Pointer Flynn who is the companion to any that will take him on long wandering runs. We recently moved to Helena, MT after a stint in the Columbia River Gorge, returning to Montana, a place forever home.

Brent Powell

Husband, father, friend and jack of all trades

Brent hails from Oregon, living a stint “off-grid” in Dufur without running water and electricity via solar. It was there that he started honing skills in computer technology (seriously), also involved in the art of Sheep and Goat husbandry (still serious), he had a quite diverse background.

He moved to Bozeman, MT in 2004 for college at Montana State University, graduating with a B.S. in Technology Education. He has expanded his areas of knowledge to more creative avenues such as photography, videography and music. He is the web and media manager for Headwaters Economics. On top of the day job he’s the founder of Thirty Five Media and VP of Approach Intl. Needless to say, he is busy, but enjoys every moment he can traveling, hiking, biking or otherwise enjoying time with others.

Jessica Powell

Wife, mother, photographer and runner

Jess grew up north of Great Falls in Conrad, MT and moved to the Gallatin Valley in 1999. She is an identical twin, so to those of you that run into her, and she ignores you, acts like she forgot your name, or just smiles back uncomfortably, you’ve now met Krista.

Jess “stays” at home to dedicate her time to rearing their son Elijah. She also helps out Brent with taking photos for Thirty Five Media and has started up Jessica Sara Photography to focus on building her own brand of portrait photography. She is also an avid runner, perpetually training for marathons, many of them excuses to travel to fun new places, or does that go the other way around?

About Elijah

Elijah is a rambunctious little guy. He hasn’t given too many indications as to his aspirations for life, but so far he’s shown a great love for food, genuine interest in farmyard animals and all things railroad. He is a bright shining light in our life and makes us grateful for the opportunity to be his parents.

About Flynn

Flynn is a 7-year old German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP), and is about the most awesome dog around, as long as he’s gone on a 6-mile run, had a 30-minute fetch session and climbed a mountain peak. He is our running partner and puts us to shame, literally. He actually will whine quite loudly to let the world know when you are running a slower pace than normal. He also mastered the variable height “nut-punch” to welcome men into our home. It is intentional, but he means well.