Fresh 48 | Fitz Bergen Powell

I have always loved the fresh 48 hospital pictures that people sometimes take right after the baby is born. If you don’t know, fresh 48 is a photography session taken within the first 48 hours of a baby’s life. A lot of people tend to do these instead of labor photos.… Read the rest

Bump Photos

After the remodel and the move, I knew I wanted to take some time to get maternity photos. Now, I didn’t have time to look around to find a local photographer to Helena plus as a photographer myself, I’m a little picky. If I am going to pay someone, I want to really like them and connect with them.… Read the rest


One of the most exciting steps in a pregnancy is when you get to find out the gender of baby! I know that some people like to wait, but that just isn’t my cup of tea. I feel like I need to know to really get down to planning and being prepared.… Read the rest

Pregnancy Struggles Update

You all have been following along on my pregnancy journey. I want to thank you for your prayers and investment into thinking about me. Your kind words and support have meant a lot. I decided that it’s time I give you an update on how it has all been going.

For those of you that don’t know, I am pregnant!… Read the rest

Finding the “Perfect” Christmas Tree

We spent some time this summer taking a look around the local woods to spot the perfect place to go tree hunting. We found several places that looked like there were some pretty great trees. My sister was coming to town the week before Thanksgiving, so we decided to take her out with us.… Read the rest

Elijah’s Three Yr Old Session | DT The Dalles

After I posted a photo or two from our time at the Rowena Crest Viewpoint, a friend suggested that I do a more urban setting for a shoot. So, I did! This time, I waited to take the hubby along too. Mostly because I didn’t want to deal with a kiddo running around with cars so near.… Read the rest

A Three Year Old Photo Session

Right before our little man, Elijah, turned three and I mean days before, we went out and had a couple photo sessions. I decided that I need and want to start documenting Elijah a little more often. That means, having a photo session or two throughout the year. I think I will at least do a big one for his birthday.… Read the rest

A Halloween Lion

I am not the most creative person when it comes to figuring out costumes and such. I’ll stick to photography. But really, I do like taking my little man out for the evening. Let’s face it, we the parents like getting some candy too. Plus, I like seeing his reactions to everyone else dressed up. 

Now, he unfortunately did get a little scared at some decorations, but for the most part he was so fixed on what everyone was wearing and getting candy.… Read the rest

Finding the Next Steps | Another Miscarriage Story

Now what? I am that statistic and I thought for sure that my next step would be taking tests. I had already spent a lot of money for the year on blood work from my December miscarriage and this April one. I have a high deductible, so I just thought that it would all work out.… Read the rest

Finding Comfort | Another Miscarriage Story

Another week went by as I started to plan things in my head. I was planning out how December would look with a newborn, how Christmas would look with a newborn, how we would have to delay our big family trip to Hawaii, how I was convinced that I was having a girl, how I finally became ok with the girl name that Brent had picked out back before we had Elijah and so much more.… Read the rest

Finding the Words | Another Miscarriage Story

Here I sit trying to recount my feelings and thoughts from when it happened again in April. I had so many emotions running around in my head that I needed to take some time to think about it before writing it all out for the world to see. I’ve been wanting to get on here to share with you all again, but I really didn’t know where to begin.… Read the rest