Bump Photos

After the remodel and the move, I knew I wanted to take some time to get maternity photos. Now, I didn’t have time to look around to find a local photographer to Helena plus as a photographer myself, I’m a little picky. If I am going to pay someone, I want to really like them and connect with them. I just don’t want to pick any person. So with that in mind, I snagged my sister one evening that she was in town.

We drove out of town not really knowing where we would end up. We drove onto a forest service road and parked ourselves waiting for the sun to go down a little more. It was already past the kiddos bedtime, so we went out a little earlier than golden hour. I gave my sister a few pointers and between her and the hubby, they snagged these photos. I am happy to have documented this baby bump and it was fun to edit them myself.

Here is to looking back at 35 weeks of being prego when I’m sitting here one day out from my due date. I’m feeling good and full of energy. No need to keep asking because when I’m feeling terrible, I’ll be in labor. Ha.

Photo Credit: Brent Powell and Krista Kubischta
Photo Edits: Jessica Powell Photo

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