A Short Term Roommate

Brent and I have been blessed enough to be able to house an intern that is in Bozeman for two weeks. She is here along with four others although they will be here till then end of July. It is such a blessing and encouragement to see all of them stepping out in faith to come to a place where they don’t know anyone and are living with strangers.… Read the rest

Stuffed Orange Peppers

To go with those tasty Cast Iron Breadsticks, I made Stuffed Orange Peppers. Oddly enough, this was a first. It was even a first for using frozen spinach. I think this stuff will come in handy for a few things later on! I love stuffed peppers. For some reason, they never come to mind when I think about dinner.… Read the rest

Cast Iron Breadsticks

I had another great evening of cooking some firsts! They turned out great. Brent and I have some good friends moving away in about a week, so we had them over for probably one last meal. Although I will still see them several times in the next few days, they need to pack.… Read the rest

Stamping Out Hunger

Last weekend, Jess and I had the wonderful opportunity to help out with the Stamp Out Hunger food drive here in Bozeman. For those of you who don’t know what this event is, it is where the US Post Office worker pick up donated food at their normal postal stops and deliver it to the local food bank.… Read the rest

Mexican Stuffed Shells

I still have leftover shells from the stuffed jumbo shells I made a little while back. I decided to make these Mexican Stuffed Shells. It pretty much is a taco inside a shell but without all the good veggies. Good thing for tasty salsa!

14 jumbo pasta shells
1 pound ground beef
1 taco seasoning to taste
4 oz.… Read the rest

Breadsticks – A joint effort!

I decided to make some homemade Olive Garden style breadsticks for a get together dinner this week. I found conflicting recipes and decided to take them my own way. Unfortunately, I really did not have the time to make these. Luckily I have an amazing husband to loves to help the wife out especially when she commits to things she doesn’t necessarily have time for.… Read the rest

Salty Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I am slowly making it through a huge and continually growing list of recipes that I want to try. This week, I think I will be attempting 4 of them: 2 desserts, 1 bread, & 1 entree. We will see how they all end up turning out! I love salty caramels, so when I came across this cookie recipe it was a no brainer to try.… Read the rest

Coconut Bread

Several weekends ago we were at our friend’s house. My friend had made this Coconut Bread that was to die for! Her husband really enjoys it and he was gracious enough to let us try it. I loved it and couldn’t stop myself from eating it. I got the recipe from her and here it is!… Read the rest

Peanut Butter Cookies (to die for!)

Last year I found this amazing Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. I like it because it uses less peanut butter than most recipes. Peanut butter can tend to be a little bit overwhelming. Not that this is a healthy recipe by any means. There is a lot of butter and a lot of sugar.… Read the rest

Coconut Macaroons

I am going to start finding/baking several gluten/dairy free recipes. We started the “Truth Project” with a group from our church and there is a girl that can’t have either. She told me not to worry about finding recipes she can eat, but I am determined, at least most of the time.… Read the rest

Dinner Around The World – The Philippines

Last night, Jess and I, along with some other friends took the opportunity to revise a college tradition. While living in family and graduate housing at MSU, we would regularly get together for an international cuisine night. It was a great time to pull out some recipes or perhaps try something new, but it mostly a great time to hang out with friends.… Read the rest

Chicken Adobo

Several years back, we started these “Around the World” food themed dinner parties with a group of friends. They all moved away, so they had ended. Other the last year a few of the couples moved back! We decided to start up the dinner parties again. Each time we would pick a new ethnic food.… Read the rest