Patience Iago Patience

I have always struggled with patience. I want to have a plan for everything and I want it to happen in my timeline. God apparently doesn’t want that for me lately. With everything that has transpired since Brent started applying for jobs, it has been a waiting game. It hasn’t been a normal waiting game … Continue reading Patience Iago Patience

Where to run?

This past weekend we headed south to go visit Brent’s brother in Eugene. From the little bit we were able to explore, it was a beautiful city. The one thing that I could really tell that my brother-in-law really enjoyed about it was the proximity to the trails. Eugene is a running hub for any … Continue reading Where to run?

Finding Your Passion

I just recently finished a book that really got me thinking about my passions. The book was a story about a couple and how their life had brought them to where they are now. They were two people that gave each other second chances and never gave up even when things got rough. They hit … Continue reading Finding Your Passion


That’s right, Brent and I went hunting yesterday. Now we didn’t get up early and pack a bunch of gear because I’m not talking about what everyone is thinking about. We started our hunt for a church. We decided to check out the church that the ladies at story time told me about. We thought … Continue reading Hunting

Flat Tire

My escape from reality has been my runs lately. Although, I guess I’m not really escaping reality when I spend most of that time thinking about what is going on in our lives right now. However, it is a time that calms me down and brings me a little peace. I talk with God about … Continue reading Flat Tire

A little hope…

It was take two for story time today over at the White Salmon library today. As I drove through the Gorge, I knew it was going to be a good day today. The sun was out which brought light to the mountain that we had only seen a glimpse of over 2 weeks ago. Mt. … Continue reading A little hope…