Winter is here!

#Winter, what took you so long? Though I'm grateful for a distinct autumn this year. There's always something so peaceful about the first snow. So clean and pure. At least until I get out of the house and encounter a city of people who can't recall how to drive in #snow! #seasonalmemoryloss #itsathing #reallyitis #cureSML … Continue reading Winter is here!

One Month

Our little man is now a whole month old, even though he was only supposed to come a few days ago. He’s now 6 lbs. 14 oz.!


Oh how I love traveling and experiencing new places. I can’t ever get enough of that. There how ever comes a time during all my travels where I look forward to coming home. Even during the most exciting trip that seems like it is going way to fast. There is just something about coming home … Continue reading Home

Rooming In

Since my last post, Elijah has kept on improving with each day’s nursing. He kept growing stronger and stronger. We think that he finally decided that it would be nice to go home. I continued to be a little emotional. I would have my ups and downs. It was usually either I want to go … Continue reading Rooming In


I will combine a few days here to move the story along. Tuesday morning brought us the pleasant surprise of Elijah being extubated just as we came into the NICU. He also had an EKG performed to check on a heart murmur. He was much more alert and responding well to his first feedings of … Continue reading Progress


This week has been one that is teaching Brent and I to be patient. We are ready to go home, tired of eating out, tired of spending the money on eating out, tired of not having our bed and the just continues. We are ready to be done. Have I mentioned that we want to … Continue reading Patience


It was Monday morning, Elijah had been intubated the night before. While a setback in physical progress, we were happy to see him under much less stress. The also injected surfactant into his lungs, to keep his lungs from sticking together when he exhales. It is a substance that exists in our lungs naturally, but … Continue reading Breaths


I knew the routine now, so I knew that there wasn’t much need for me to get up at the crack of dawn to check on my little man, so I slept a bit longer. I took advantage of the room service and took my time getting ready for the day. Jess was supposed to … Continue reading Reunion

Flown Away

This is a continuation of my thoughts and timeline of events occurring around the birth of our son Elijah. Saturday, October 3rd There I sat, feet away from my little guy. His breathing was labored, chest swelling with each hard earned breath. Jess was sleeping in her room, waiting for the moment we knew would … Continue reading Flown Away