Less than 2 weeks…

TCSNYCM14_Course MapThe NYC marathon is now less than 2 weeks away. The countdown is happening, the runs are almost done and vacation is coming. Last Wednesday, I got my start time which is 10:30 am Eastern. I have been looking at the details of the morning over and over again. The elevation map makes me excited.… Read the rest

The excitement is building.

During the day, I sit at work staring at the computer just thinking about my up coming marathon and trip. (While I am working of course!) The excitement is building. I almost cannot contain it. I get to run the in worlds largest marathon in just over 3 weeks! I get to go to New York City and then to Scotland!… Read the rest

And the marathon training continues…

Marathon training has been going better for the most part over the last several weeks. I think I needed that half marathon race to give me a boost in my training. Today I am one month away from the New York City Marathon. I am getting excited! The weather is changing here in Bozeman.… Read the rest

Results: BZN Half Marathon

The results are in for the Bozeman half marathon. I am very excited about this and overall how the race turned out. It was another great one. You need to run it if you haven’t.

Time: 1:48:29
Pace: 8:16 min/mi
Overall: 121 out of 557
Women Age Group 25-29: 5 out of 63

Woot woot!… Read the rest

Bozeman Half Marathon 2014

I woke up early this morning to get ready for my half marathon. I have been looking forward to this half marathon for several weeks. It fit in exactly with my marathon training. I was suppose to run a half this weekend anyways. I have also been a little worried about running it.… Read the rest

NYC Marathon Training

I started training just over a month ago for the New York City Marathon. The first several weeks went amazing. I was feeling great and full of energy. My long runs were in the 10-12 mile range which meant that I kept enjoying some nice trail runs. I was also making sure that at least one of my weekly runs was out hitting the trail to give my legs a bit of a break from the pavement.… Read the rest

Only two days away!

I am sitting on a bed at a hotel in Casper, Wyoming icing my ankle as I wait for Brent to finish working. Soon it is off to Denver! Why am I icing my ankle when the marathon is on Sunday? Well, last week I was helping set up for our church service as normal.… Read the rest

I had to say it.

Photo Feb 26, 8 37 13 AMI just had to say that I was back in the full swing of running again after the weather snap didn’t I? It is now about a day and a half after my last post and things have changed. Last night when I got off work, it was 9 degrees and slowly dropping.… Read the rest

Training Update

I realized that it has been a few weeks since I have updated everyone on my marathon training. The week of cold weather was a little bit of a set back. I did get into the gym. I made the most of my shorter runs on the treadmill trying just to pound out the miles as quickly as possible.… Read the rest

Challenge Accepted

IMG_1986It is week four of marathon training and another week of below zero temperatures. My rule is that I don’t run below 5 degrees. What do I do? Where do I go? A few weeks back Brent and I bought a bike trainer because it is hard to get outside in the snow and ice.… Read the rest

Seriously…love training with friends.

bowlsI just can’t get over the benefits of training with friends right now. I blogged last week about my tempo run and how great it was for me. (Read about it here). I ran that tempo run by myself and I felt great. Last night one of my friends joined me for my tempo run.… Read the rest

What are friends for?

I love having friends that are willing to help me out with my training. I have always been really bad about taking the time to do core workouts and anything other than running. I knew I needed some help. I have done a few things off and on with the last marathons, but I was never committed.… Read the rest