Bringing Back the Running Posts

There was a time when…

Before Elijah came, I spent a lot of time blogging about my runs. I loved being able to share my struggles and accomplishments. I had good runs, bad runs, exciting races, and some not so exciting races. I also loved exploring new running exercises. I am not a sprinter, but it is very helpful for a distance runner to gain speed. I am also not a core workout girl. It is something that has always been a struggle. Blogging about these things helped me to keep going. I loved sharing this with the world. I even reminisced about the miles I had run every year with a fun end of the year post. I at least found it fun to look at what I had accomplished in just a year of running. I enjoyed seeing where my miles had taken me. It helped me to be motivated to keep on running. I have been desiring this again.

Real Struggles

Figuring out how to keep encouraging myself to get out and run has been a need lately for me. There are days when I am running around with a toddler and I just don’t want to go on a run. I try to get out every morning during the weekdays, but who just doesn’t want to be lazy sometimes? Well I definitely like being lazy sometimes. Just go ask my husband. Also, when I am lazy. I am super lazy. I don’t do ANYTHING. I usually eat WAY TO MUCH during these times. Then the guilt sets in and I start going down the bad body image path. None of that is good. I am striving to not do this and to be strong, but we all have moments of weakness. Blogging again helps me stay away from this for a few reasons. I am not just sitting on a couch binge watching something on Netflix because I can’t focus on typing and listening to something else. Actually, I could do that, but I am not giving my posts the attention they need and they start to sound bad. Not that I am the best writer or anything either. Also, it takes my mind off of the snacks and sweets that I want. Let’s face it, I have a love hate relationship with sugar. I love the taste of most sweets. Rarely do I find something I don’t like. I really wish there was more out there I didn’t like. It would help. When I have these moments of weakness, I can feel the impact on my body and my runs. The short easy runs tend to be harder than they should be. I know what I need to do to make them better. Sometimes I have these moments too often. Other times I can go months and be fine. It is a real struggle my friends.

Bringing it Back

I am excited to hopefully start writing about my running more often. I don’t know how often, but hopefully it will become a regular hobby again. I hope you check back soon. In the meantime, you can sign up and subscribe, so you never miss a post. Just scroll to the bottom and type in your email.

Tell Me Tell Me!!

I’d love to hear from you! What do you want to hear about? What things do you struggle with on your runs? Let me know and I’d love to talk about them.

A Mother Runner

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