What am I running for?

The Struggle

These days as I struggle to get out for all my weekly running goes, I started asking myself what am I running for? Usually I am training for something and I have set goals and training days scheduled. For me, this makes it easier for me to get out during the week.… Read the rest

The Best Running Buddy

Running Buddy

I had been running for several years and had convinced my husband to run with me a few times. I even got him and my sister to run my first marathon with me. It was an exciting start to my running, but then something happened. We all slowly stopped running together.… Read the rest

Why I Started Running

I was just lazy

I haven’t looked back on why I started running for several years now. October marks my 8th year of running. I couldn’t be more happy that I made the decision to start and make it a part of my everyday life. I had graduated from college in December and immediately switched from part time to full time at my desk job.… Read the rest

Bringing Back the Running Posts

There was a time when…

Before Elijah came, I spent a lot of time blogging about my runs. I loved being able to share my struggles and accomplishments. I had good runs, bad runs, exciting races, and some not so exciting races. I also loved exploring new running exercises. I am not a sprinter, but it is very helpful for a distance runner to gain speed.… Read the rest

Nike Women’s Marathon

Let’s begin two days before the race on Friday. My friends took me down to the race expo where I spent a couple hours enjoying all that they had to offer. It was probably the best expo – free photos, snacks, interviews with Olympians, and much more. I ran on a human hamster wheel!… Read the rest

Race for Independence

My boss was gracious enough to let me come in late to work on the 4th. There was a 10k that I wanted to run, plus it meant I would be able to sleep in. I was able to wake up at 7:00 am instead of the usual 5:00 to get my run in!… Read the rest

Country Music Marathon 2012

Last Saturday I was able to partake in the Nashville Country Music Marathon to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Another 26.2 miles down for me! I love that my sport benefits organizations. I get to do what I love and help someone in the process.

After a great night’s rest, I woke up bright and early at 4:00 a.m.… Read the rest

Quick Marathon Update

This is just a quick little note to let all of you know how we did. Details and more information about our adventures down in Nashville to come when we make it home.

Jess – Full Marathon – time: 4:01:32 – pace: 9:13 – overall: 633 out of 3925 – division: 60 out of 443 – gender: 179 out of 1800

All in all, a great race for me seeing how I set a PR by 7 minutes!!… Read the rest

Race Ready

With months of training pounding my feet down on the pavement, it is finally race week. I am just days away from my second marathon. I am excited to try this again as I have done several longer runs than the last training. I feel like my body is a bit more ready due to more hours out in the road.… Read the rest

3rd Marathon??

I think so! Last night I got an email with my special link to register for the Nike Women’s Marathon (NWM) down in San Francisco in October. If you remember a little while back, I was in a dilema of whether or not I should run this race. With a good friend already living down there and some more good friends moving there at the end of May, we already wanted to make a point to go to San Francisco in the fall.… Read the rest

Run to the Pub 2012

Brent and I decided to run our first race of the year on St. Patrick’s Day! It is hard to get any races in before this time of year in Montana because of our lovely winters. We woke up around 7 am this morning, another lovely thing about racing in March in Montana is that the races don’t start until later in the morning.… Read the rest

Where did 1,050 miles take me in 2011?

At the beginning of 2011, I decided to start keeping a log of my running miles. I thought it would be fun to show where the 1,050 miles took me over the last year from running at 9,000 feet to running a marathon. It was quite a second year in running.… Read the rest