And Another

I don’t know if you remember about a month ago, I posted a blog about Brent and I beginning our marathon training. He had ran my first marathon with me back in 2011 at the Portland Marathon here in Oregon. From then on, he said he would never run a marathon again unless it was a really awesome one. Hence the current marathon training together for the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway. Running in the late evening during the summer solstice while we are where the sun never sets. That sure does count for a pretty awesome marathon.

Now I come to the title of the blog, “And Another.” Brent and I were doing some talking recently about trying to get my state side marathon in this year. I tossed a bunch of ideas around, but never did settle on one. Then I got to thinking about trying the whole run another marathon a month after running one already. I’ve heard of several people doing this since you are already trained up for it, but it also allows your body a little bit of time to recoup. Brent then said he might join me?!?!?!??! What?!?!?!?

I did some searching and found one that is an easy drive away from The Dalles. The Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon in Washington. It will be a great one to run since it will be on a dirt and gravel path the entire way. This will be easier on the legs than pounding the pavement for another 26 miles a month later. We are all registered and I am giddy with excitement that Brent is running two marathons with me this year! Woot! Also, this one will be marathon #9 in my eighth state. Makes me kind of want to run marathon #10 this year too. Ha! I don’t think I can fit in or afford another trip this year. Next year will have to be #10.

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