Marathon Training Begins

Today is day one of training for my 8th marathon and Brent’s 2nd. Yes, Brent is going to run another marathon! How did I convince him of this? Well it actually didn’t take much because we are going to run a super awesome once in a lifetime marathon. It is the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromso, Norway. We will be running during the summer solstice. The race takes place in the evening which means we will be running with the midnight sun. What a great name for a race right? I am beyond excited for another European adventure and to finally get in an international marathon. I know, I say finally like I’ve been running most of my life. Ha.

Training for this race is going to be different. I will be able to join Brent on some runs, but other than that I won’t have any other running buddies to join me. In the past I’ve had friends join me for my shorter runs, ones that have helped me with sprints, others that have done core body workouts with me and a couple that have joined me for portions or all of my long runs. This time, I will mostly be on my own. With the kiddo around who will be sleeping in the early mornings or needing to eat dinner and get ready for bed at night, those runs will be solo for Brent or me. Those days, I’ll probably let Brent do the running in the morning or evening. I’ll take the little guy out in the stroller. Every once in a while we should be able to get the grandparents to watch the kiddo. If not during a week day run, maybe a longer weekend run.

I am excited to take on the challenges of figuring out how to squeeze a run in with Brent or taking the stroller out for more miles again like during my last marathon training. Either way, I started my training with a nice 39 degree run in the sun with a lot of hills and hardly any snow or ice to get in my way. Not to mention the dog is going to be pretty happy again. Bring it on marathon number 8. I can’t wait.

And yes, Elijah will be joining us in Norway along with my sister who will run the half marathon and my parents who will cheer us along from the sidelines.

Posted by Jess

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