What am I running for?

The Struggle

These days as I struggle to get out for all my weekly running goes, I started asking myself what am I running for? Usually I am training for something and I have set goals and training days scheduled. For me, this makes it easier for me to get out during the week.… Read the rest

A Tale of the New York City Marathon continued

The gun went off and the crowd of people started to run up the bridge. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is the longest bridge span in the Americas and the 11th in the world. When it was built in the ’64, it was the longest in the world. We were on the bridge for close to 2 miles.… Read the rest

A Tale of the New York City Marathon

It all started with arriving in New York on Friday night. With our backpacks on, we headed over to the race expo to pick up my race bib. After getting my bib, we walked around a bit looking at all of the NYC Marathon gear and the vendors. We took some moments to capture some pictures.… Read the rest

Colfax Marathon…check!

IMG_0249After an awesome anniversary day on Saturday (our 6th), Brent and I headed back to the hotel early to get some shut eye. I iced my heel again to try and get it to feel a bit better, I set out my racing gear and we made our final plans for the morning.… Read the rest

The wait is over and…

…I am going to the New York Marathon! (Refer back to my previous post about entering the lottery here.) The drawing was held on Wednesday as I kept checking my email over and over again to see if I heard anything. Finally around 4 in the afternoon, I saw an email with this:

You're In!

runnyI never expected to get in as over 134,000 people entered the lottery and only 47,500 to 50,000 will run.… Read the rest

Where did 1207 miles take me in 2012?

Running 2012 (1) Running 2012 (2) Running 2012 (3) Running 2012The year of 2012 was a great one for my running life. I logged 1207 miles over the course of the year. That is almost 160 miles more than 2011! I loved that I logged more miles. I do know that I did slack a little during the summer and later in the year.… Read the rest

Nike Women’s Marathon

Let’s begin two days before the race on Friday. My friends took me down to the race expo where I spent a couple hours enjoying all that they had to offer. It was probably the best expo – free photos, snacks, interviews with Olympians, and much more. I ran on a human hamster wheel!… Read the rest

NWM – I survived!

Just a quick post to say that I survived and crossed the finish line to score my little blue box! It was a hard race mostly because of how crowded the streets were. I was feeling great but it was extremely difficult to get in a decent pace. Then once the half marathoners split off, I had a hard time getting out of that pace.… Read the rest

Only Days Away

The marathon is almost hear! That also means…VACATION! I am so excited to be able to go run and visit my friends. I feel somewhat ready for this race, but I did not train as hard as I did for the last one. This training was somewhere in between my first program and my second one.… Read the rest

Country Music Marathon 2012

Last Saturday I was able to partake in the Nashville Country Music Marathon to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Another 26.2 miles down for me! I love that my sport benefits organizations. I get to do what I love and help someone in the process.

After a great night’s rest, I woke up bright and early at 4:00 a.m.… Read the rest

Quick Marathon Update

This is just a quick little note to let all of you know how we did. Details and more information about our adventures down in Nashville to come when we make it home.

Jess – Full Marathon – time: 4:01:32 – pace: 9:13 – overall: 633 out of 3925 – division: 60 out of 443 – gender: 179 out of 1800

All in all, a great race for me seeing how I set a PR by 7 minutes!!… Read the rest

3rd Marathon??

I think so! Last night I got an email with my special link to register for the Nike Women’s Marathon (NWM) down in San Francisco in October. If you remember a little while back, I was in a dilema of whether or not I should run this race. With a good friend already living down there and some more good friends moving there at the end of May, we already wanted to make a point to go to San Francisco in the fall.… Read the rest