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I work at Skyline Hospital as an IT administrator. I maintain computers, networks, and help out the hospital staff with their digital woes. It’s something I feel I’m good at, but to be honest, it’s not something I’m overly excited about. But a couple times a year, I get to put on my creative hat and do some photo a video work for the hospital. For those fleeting weeks, I get to do what I love and it’s pretty great. Here’s the latest video I produced for them.

This was my third year producing the video for the Cultivate Columbia event. I love telling stories of people who are involved in their community. I also get to help out with event and promotional photography, so I get to extend out my media-creative hat a bit longer. Now, I sit between projects, back to the barren land of servers, routers and access points, but there’s some light coming up over the hill.

We have an exciting season ahead of us! There’s a lot to do and little time, but it will be worth all the hard work. I don’t know what it will look like exactly, but we’ll fill you in on the details as they come along.

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A God fearing, husband to one amazing woman, and a father to a handsome son (with another child on the way!) A media making, camera wielding, sometimes-running, outdoor enthusing, tinkering, coffee loving man. Oh, and he also does some IT stuff... Brent lives in the beautiful PNW! He is the founder of Thirty Five Media, member of Approach International, and Web & Media Manager for Headwaters Economics.