A Three Year Old Photo Session

Right before our little man, Elijah, turned three and I mean days before, we went out and had a couple photo sessions. I decided that I need and want to start documenting Elijah a little more often. That means, having a photo session or two throughout the year. I think I will at least do a big one for his birthday. It will be fun to have every year documented in this way. This also makes my photographers heart happy. 

Now, whenever we are out and about as a family doing something fun, I do take pictures of this little man. I just wanted to make sure that you all new that I didn’t forget about him throughout the rest of the year. I just forget to post our pictures on here these days.

Well, since it is almost December and I took these back at the end of September, I’ll flood you with all of these images in two seperate posts. We went out to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint. A friend lent me a jacket she was given for her son and we rolled with it. I love how these all turned out. Enjoy!

Posted by Jess

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