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Bridger Mountain Range
Standing at the top of the world, your path is all laid out, you just need to take a step.

I have been at this whole multimedia side-hustle thing for a while now. I started off in high school making slideshow presentations for graduation ceremonies, homecoming events and recap videos for mission trips. In college, I made videos for Campus Crusade for Christ and for Montana State as well as operating as a wedding photo-friend-ographer a couple times. As we’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, Jess and I enjoyed photography together, using it as the impetus for our date excursions. We continued that into our marriage and even still, we go out on the occasional photo date. But back to that side hustle.

Now with my previous post about momentum, I started off saying “all you need is a push.” I’ve received many pushes, and if their is a common theme in those moments, it’s that I’ve done nothing to maintain momentum. When those moments arise, I stop, frozen at the precipice of a grand adventure. But here I am again, with a big push. I’m looking out over that edge and it’s not a clear picture yet. It’s petrifying to not know where your feet may land. But ONWARD my friends, onward I must go!

So… What’s next? Well, I need to be a bit more active in the media game, and I have been. I’m working on a video for Jess for her business, another little gem for Rooted Event Co. and polishing the ol’ website for Thirty Five Media. Next, I need to find some more content to produce in and around the Columbia Gorge. Ideally I want to focus on people and businesses that are actively trying to make our community a better place. I’ve been able to do some of that type of work with the Skyline Foundation the past two years for their annual Award for Excellence (2017 & 2018). I’m pretty proud of those two videos, though I’d like to focus more on the personal interaction if people helping people. I’d also like to find some more commercial clients, businesses that need a little help (or a lot of help) with their media needs.

So that’s where I am at the moment. They (the really smart people that write LinkedIn posts) say making actionable and measurable goals is key to success. So here’s to posting a new video every month! I might regret this, but I want you, my faithful friends, family and random passerby’s to bug me on this. I’ll be posting stuff initially to my YouTube and Vimeo pages, so go give those a follow to see what comes next, I hope you like it!

Posted by Brent

A God fearing, husband to one amazing woman, and a father to a handsome son (with another child on the way!) A media making, camera wielding, sometimes-running, outdoor enthusing, tinkering, coffee loving man. Oh, and he also does some IT stuff... Brent lives in the beautiful PNW! He is the founder of Thirty Five Media, member of Approach International, and Content Creator for Skyline Hospital.