TIDB: The Oregon Coast Video


Things I Didn’t Blog, is is a post series for me (Brent) to share things I’ve nearly forgot about, and definitely didn’t blog.

As many of you know, this year, on May 17th, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Due to work scheduling, I couldn’t take any time off around that date, but I was able to secure a week off in June. We left the kiddo with Jess’s parents and left for the Oregon coast.

We decided we would pack light, and just sleep in the car, and oh, we also brought the dog. We started in Astoria and travelled all the way down the Oregon coast. We took in the sights, relaxed and enjoyed sunsets together. We also found out that finding places to camp out in your car (for free) can be challenging.

Here’s a quick recap video I made (but never put up on YouTube) so here you go! Enjoy!

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