A Halloween Lion

I am not the most creative person when it comes to figuring out costumes and such. I’ll stick to photography. But really, I do like taking my little man out for the evening. Let’s face it, we the parents like getting some candy too. Plus, I like seeing his reactions to everyone else dressed up. 

Now, he unfortunately did get a little scared at some decorations, but for the most part he was so fixed on what everyone was wearing and getting candy. It had a blast and refused to eat dinner. You know, candy…

Well, I took him to our local second hand store and we picked out a clean decent costume together. This little lion won our hearts and he sure enjoyed pretending to be something else. I’d say it was a win for $5. I’m mostly on here just to share these photos, because I thought he was just too cute  not to. Enjoy!

And yes, I rambled on like a crazy person. I’m sure it doesn’t even make much sense.. HA.

Posted by Jess

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