The Training Continues

I remember the days where I blogged almost weekly or daily about running. I had a desire to share with the world how my runs went and it seemed as though people really enjoyed reading the posts. Now, I just don’t know what to say about running.

We are about half way through our training for the Midnight Sun Marathon and it has been going well. Brent and I still don’t get much of a chance to run together, but at this point it is more my fault than anything. We are still living with my parents which means we both could get up and run early in the morning. Brent has been pretty good about doing this on a weekly basis. I have not. Even when I decide to run with him, the alarm goes off and I stay in bed. I guess it is partially because I know that I have the time to run with Elijah in the stroller. I do miss running with him though. We have been able to on Saturdays, but the extra alone time is what I am mostly craving. It is hard to get that while living under someone else’s roof. Yet, I find myself still telling him no. I think in the last two months of training, I have only gotten up early with him two times. TWO! How lazy am I? I don’t know if you remember how much I loved! loved! loved! getting up early and running. It was one of the best ways to start my day. In fact, running early in the morning followed up with reading my bible and drinking coffee made for the best days.

I am really enjoying Brent running though. It is nice to have him doing what I love even if we aren’t doing it together all the time. It is just one of those things that helps bring us together. The only thing is that he will probably start enjoying marathons too much and then beat my records! No! I want to keep some type of record in the family. All I can do is pray that he has to use the bathroom three or more times like when he ran the Portland Marathon. Ha! What a nice wife I am! We will see what happens, but I am actually hoping that we can run the entire thing together. It will be fun to take in the sights of the town Tromso together during the midnight sun.

Well, I guess I did find something to write about. Ha. My random thoughts did take me somewhere. Here is to two more months of training!


Posted by Jess

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