Scotland Day 6 – The Holyrood Walk

The car had to be returned by 10 am, so we had a relaxing morning in our little attic apartment atop the spiral stair. The living room had a large bookshelf with a wide assortment of books, so we spent some time looking at the selection.… Read the rest


Scotland Day 3 – The Road Up North

We started our day off with a hearty English breakfast at the B&B. I think it was the first time I’ve had beans for breakfast. We loaded our bags into our little Hyundai i10 and headed off. The road north was quiet, switching from double to single lane highways.… Read the rest


A Stroll Up in the Mountains

After an amazing!! Sunday morning at Venture Church (Brent will eventually get to blogging about this), we headed up to the mountains to enjoy God’s wonderful creation. We enjoyed a nice stroll along the roadside as the snow covered the ground around the reservoir.… Read the rest

BBQ Clams Family

During the Holidays

There is nothing better during the holidays than seeing family! As it is always a joy throughout the year, around the holidays it is extra┬áspecial. It is the time of year that you realize just how important and wonderful family is in your life.… Read the rest