Rising Early

I recently made the switch at work to a 4-10 schedule which means I now wake up (too) early, but I get Monday’s off. A while back, we had one of our favorite families over for a couple days and I decided to make the most of the early morning on my day off.… Read the rest


Big Sky Living

This post could also be titled “Brent finally uploads some photos!” We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Yes, the winters can be long, but the wait is always worth it (plus winters are pretty too). Here is a smattering of various images from this summer.… Read the rest


The Spanish Lakes

A few weeks back we went on an overnight backpacking trip with some friends to visit the Spanish Lakes amongst the Spanish Peaks in the Gallatin Range. It was a fairly easy hike, with the only appreciable elevation gain at the end of the trail.… Read the rest


A View of the Valley on Indepedance Day


Independence Day (2)

Brent and I were house sitting over the fourth for some friends that live up in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains. This gave us an amazing view of the valley for the 4th of July. We were not very close to the fireworks going off in town, but that didn’t matter.… Read the rest


Stone Creek

Brent and I wanted to go for a hike the other weekend, so we brought out the hiking book. We picked some place we’ve never been and went for it. Turns out, this would be a great place for me to mountain bike since I don’t like steep climbs mostly because of coming down the mountain at a very fast pace.… Read the rest


Um, We’re Stuck (A Subaru Tale)

Jess and I had been feeling under the weather for that last couple weeks and I had also been away on a business trip, so this was our first, relatively healthy weekend to spend together. The weather happened to be mild and the sun was out in full force.… Read the rest


A Hike and a Campfire

Last night we had a friend make his way into town. We took it as an opportunity to take him on a hike in our wonderful mountains. He usually comes down when the weather is bad, so it was our first opportunity to show him what we love about being in Bozeman.… Read the rest


A Stroll Up in the Mountains

After an amazing!! Sunday morning at Venture Church (Brent will eventually get to blogging about this), we headed up to the mountains to enjoy God’s wonderful creation. We enjoyed a nice stroll along the roadside as the snow covered the ground around the reservoir.… Read the rest


Last Day of the Year

What to do on the last day of the year? We decided to go up to the beautiful freshly snow covered mountains that we are lucky to live so close to. We invited my sister along for another wonderful snowshoe outing.… Read the rest

Ferns Life

The Greenness that is not Montana

These are the last of my photos from our trip to Oregon. It is about time that I get them posted as it is pushing almost two weeks now. I cannot believe that two weeks ago today I ran my first marathon.… Read the rest


Palisade Falls

Last night Brent and I took a little “hike” up to Palisade Falls in Hyalite with some of our friends. It was a beautiful fall evening. It is nice to be having a fall in Montana as it does not always happen.… Read the rest