When friends come to visit

Brent and I have been so busy with focusing on our house remodel that we haven’t gone out to explore our new surroundings too much. It doesn’t help that during the summer we also ran two marathons. That really puts a damper on going camping, hiking or anything else outdoors on top of a remodel.… Read the rest

Stomping Grounds

A couple of weekends back, we drove out to my parent’s property for the day. My brother and his two girls were up for the weekend as well, so we had some time with them too. One of the day’s tasks was to help my Brendon with moving one of the Datsun pickups to a better spot for hooking it up for towing back down to Eugene.… Read the rest

Three State Tour

Last month, we left the confines of Montana for our last big outing before our addition to the family arrives. The trip centered around two different events, a Seattle wedding and the Grand Teton Relay. In between the two, we spent time in Oregon with family.

We decided that in order to maximize our time in Seattle, it would be best to leave after work and camp out in the car to get a bit of rest and an early start on our day.… Read the rest