This past week I finally decided to start doing some sprints for my marathon training. It has been several months since I have done them and I forgot how much I really do not like them. I am not a very good short distance runner, actually, I am not good at all. I set out on my lunch hour to run 10 30×30 sprints. I headed over towards the pond that is right behind my work thinking that running around it would be a good place to do my sprints. It turned out to be a great place, except where there was ice. The ice makes it a little difficult to sprint. I think once the ice is gone, it will be the perfect spot. I took a few minutes to warm up and then got underway. Sprint for 30 seconds, cool down for 30 seconds, sprint for 30 seconds and so on. I could already feel my legs getting sore. By the last sprint, I was feeling very winded and was glad it was almost over. I finished it with a one mile cool down that was very slow. I know that next week the sprints will feel a little better, but it is still really hard for me to continue to do them. I guess I will see if I can keep doing them over the next several months. ¬†Well, I know I can, but will I? I would rather just go and run for miles than do sprints. Oh sprints!

Posted by Jess

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