This is My Wife

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This is my wife, she is a  runner. She recently ran a half marathon, one which I sat out on. Not because of an injury, but because I wanted to sit on the sidelines and cheer my wife on to what ended up being a great race for her. It was nice to sleep in as she left to go catch the bus to the start line. However, I wished I would have just gotten up and driven her there and then cheered her on from more points along the route. I rode my mountain bike up to the half-way point of the race south of town. It was a beautiful morning, a slight chill was in the air and as I arrived at the road crossing, others were there too, waiting to cheer on loved ones. The race started at 8:00 and I arrived at the half way point around 8:30. I waited eagerly for Jess to enter into view. Shortly after I arrived, the lead runners came by, cheered on by family and friends. Sooner than expected, I could see Jess through the camera lens and was filled with excitement as she was running at a great pace and was looking great. It took her a couple moments to recognize me, but the smile on her face said it all. After she passed, I quickly hopped back on the bike and made for the next point.

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It was a nice, straight road with that had a slight decline, something I enjoyed very much. I made it to the next point in great time and waited for Jess to come by. While waiting I saw all of the people from the other point. Runners came by, some in a different order than before and some looking far more tired than before. I noticed some people that I knew and cheered them on as they passed. Jess came back into view and still looked great! Once again, I mounted my bike and rode up to the next point, snapped some more pictures. She was quickly on her way to the finish line. I had hoped to catch Jess coming across the finish line, but got caught in some congestion and unfortunately was too late pulling out the camera. I was so disappointed that I missed the opportunity.

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I walked over to Jess, who was with some other friends that I knew. We chatted for a while and then walked around for a bit. She was so excited that she had run so well. She even demolished my PR for a half! I was so incredibly proud of my wife. As we walked back to the car, I couldn’t help but notice the proud smile that glowed on her face. This is my wife, she is a great runner!

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