Why I Blog (Blogging in a coffee shop)

coffeeHere I am, sitting in a Billings City Brew. I was supposed to be doing some work, trying to wrap up a long overdue project and alas, I forgot my hard drive back in Bozeman with all the videos. Jess is off at a bridal shower and I am just sitting here with my tasty iced vanilla latte and my (wife’s) trusty laptop. As I haven’t spent much time contributing to the blogosphere, I have decided to write this blog.

Why I Blog

I don’t really know why I enjoy this blog of ours. I know that the majority of what I say isn’t necessarily the most beneficial, and if it wasn’t for the awesomeness of Google Analytics, I wouldn’t even know if anyone actually reads this. Jess and I originally started this blog to share what was going on with our March trip to the Philippines in late 2010. That was eight months ago, and a lot has changed. I had just started my job with ikuw Solutions, Jess and I have started to ramp up our training for the marathon in October, we have taken an increased role in our church’s youth group, we photographed our first wedding as a duo and my niece got hitched last weekend among many other things. When we first started the blog, I was finishing up my last semester in school, nervous about the down-trodden job market but with time to spare. I did find some side jobs, but was mostly unemployed. I enjoyed the freedom of being “in professional transition” perhaps a little too much. As Jess will point out, I only actually cleaned the house once in my three month transitional period. Looking back, I definitely wasted some time! During the time leading up to our big trip, I viewed the blog as a means for us to share the trip with our many sponsors and contributors. During the trip, it became the diary for our trip, a place for us to remember things that, regrettably, have been fading from our memories. After the trip, it became a place for revelation, where thoughts came together to form new lenses for us to view our world. It also served as a place to hold onto the memories, taking every opportunity to jot down extra thoughts. I have been busy lately, and my posting habits have been reflective of that. I hope to be more vocal, and if there is anything that you would like to hear my thoughts on, leave me a message in the comments. This gets me to my final and main point, why I blog. I blog to be transparent. To allow others to see me as a real, complicated, fellow sojourner through life and hopefully to entertain, help and encourage whoever reads these words.

Posted by Brent

So, I am a God fearing, husband to one amazing woman, an IT professional, camera wielding, part-time runner, outdoor enthusing, tinkering, coffee loving man. I am currently Co-Founder of Thirty Five Media in Bozeman, MT as well as an IT Manager for TREC, Inc. and a Creative Director at Venture Church. The plate is usually full, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!