Go Girl Trail Run

On Sunday morning the 10th, I woke up and did the usual before a race. I picked out my favorite pair of shorts, put on a shirt that would keep me warm enough, but not too hot, tried to put my hair up so that it would not be falling all over my face as it usually does, and found something to snack on. I was excited for this race for five reasons. It was a race, my first girl only race, my first one outside of Montana, I was running it with my sister-in-law (Annie) and my brother-in-law’s girlfriend (Monica), and finally, it was my first trail race. I was excited to run this race in Portland at Forest Park. We all met up to walk over to the staging area. We hung around for a moment with the three Powell brothers before we headed over towards the starting line. The race is divided into waves as it is a small trail which makes it hard for everyone to start all at once. We were put into wave 3. We waited for our call to the line, got in place, and then took off. The line of ladies started to thin down as the three of us took our places next to each other. We decided to run it together. This was the best. As we ran up and down the hills on the trail, we were able to talk with each other which made the hills seem less problematic as I am not use to running so many. It was also a great time to get to know each other better and to catch up on each others lives as we all live in separate parts of the country. It was fun to discuss the ways in which the brothers were alike. We were surrounded by trees covering the top of the park. This is how I imagine Oregon to look like. Everything was covered in green and the trail seemed to continue throughout the entire country side, The park was dense with only a few moments of sunlight sneaking in. It felt like we had left Portland and were running on a trail in the mountains. The longer hills seemed to never end but our talking sure did. It was funny because when we kept going up a hill we suddenly stopped talking. It was great to run a race just for the fun of it and not to compete against my PR. Annie, Monica, and I crossed the line at 1:05:26. Even though it wasn’t even close to my best time, I think it was the best race I have yet to run. Thanks Annie and Monica for making it so great! I cannot wait to run with you two again.

Check the race out at Go Girl Trail Run!

Posted by Jess

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