A Weekend Alone

You would think that since Brent left over the weekend for a wedding, that I would have managed to get on here and post a new blog. That is not the case as I tried to occupy myself in other ways than just sitting in front of the computer. I needed to be up doing something so that I did not feel so alone. Friday night I had the privileged of hanging out with my sister. Is was a nice time of talking, shopping, and walking around some of the Bozeman trails. We then headed off to bed as an 11 mile run was in the plan for Saturday morning. We did not head out right away as where we were planning on running, there was a race taking place. We waited long enough till all had cleared and then set out our our journey. We have started to stagger our runs so that we can run at our own paces. This is helpful in training for the marathon. I was able to knock it out in 1:40:36. This makes it a 9:03 min./mi. pace. I was excited. My long distance run times keep improving! This makes me excited to see what the half marathon brings this weekend. Even though, this half is somewhat hilly and not necessarily the best choice for a personal record. None the less, I will try. The rest of the day was spent running errands around town then settling in at home baking for a few hours. I made pumpkin bars for church, cookies for work, and then some sweet dinner rolls for lunch on Sunday and just to have around. It was a great way to keep myself busy as I was feeling a little on the lonely side. Then Sunday came. The usual church and lunch at my parents. Then I got to go to the Belgrade High School graduation for a friend of the family. Pretty much my little sister. The graduation party was fun as it was a good time to catch up on what is going on in her life and her plans for college. Then it was home to work on frosting the cookies, a nice long hot bubble bath, some time in God’s word, and then off to bed as it was my last night without Brent. I got home from work on Monday, ran my 40 minutes, baked more cookies for another occasion, made dinner, and then sat around and waited for Brent to arrive. Time kept on moving slowly and the hours were getting later and later till finally I heard the doorbell. I jumped up and ran to greet him. I always love the long hugs right after one of us is away. Then as it was late, we ate dinner, chatted for a bit, and hit the bed. I have not had much time with him since he has been back, but I am just thankful to have him home.

Posted by Jess

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