The Busy Life

Sometimes life seems to hit us all at once and then the next thing we know is that the week or day is over. I am one that loves when I have something to do as I am not much of an alone time person. (Although, this week I have been enjoying my mornings alone). At the start of this week, Brent went into work on Monday morning at 6:30. This meant he needed to leave by 6:00, so we were up by 5:00. As his job is still new, he does not have any vacation hours as of yet. To get full time in he has been working a few ten hour days, or like yesterday, a twelve hour day. (The extra two hours at home). He is taking off early on Thursday and then the whole day off on Friday as his parents are coming into town!!!! (Very excited about this as they have not come since we got married almost three years ago). Today he will put in an eleven hour day. Tomorrow he will only need to work about seven! Which is good because of our running schedule he will not be able to make it into work till around 7:00 or later.

Brent and I have been busy before, but not like this. Tonight we have youth group. (We have been helping out with the junior high and high schools groups). Then tomorrow is another early morning with a forty minute run and then both of us off to work early as the in-laws arrive in the afternoon! Then it is off to an awards ceremony because my wonderful husband got a senior award! Go Brent! Then on Friday, we might get to sleep in till 6:00! (Cannot wait!) Then it is another early morning on Friday as we need to get in a ten mile run before Brent has to be at the graduation ceremony at 7:45. Sunday is another busy day filled with the youth group leading the church service and Mother’s Day! Then the in-laws are gone on Monday morning and Brent is back to working 10 hour days for the next week. We leave on Friday morning of next week to go and represent Sacred Portion in Boise at a medical missionary conference. Which we are using as our weekend getaway for our third anniversary.

The rest of the month is busy as well, but I will not get into that now. More details of the above events to come later! So be looking for those! Also, be praying that we make it through it all. I do know that others schedules tend to be busier than Brent’s and mine, but it is something we have not dealt with yet and are learning in the process. This will just start preparing us for a family one day.

Posted by Jess

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