Dry and Emotional

I have been back from the Philippines for just over one week. Two things that I have noticed about myself. I am very dry. My skin learned quickly to enjoy the humidity and now that I am back in Montana it is retaliating. I put lotion on everyday, yet it seems to not help. Moments later it is back to being dry. Oh how I miss the wonderful humidity that brings the moisture. When one goes to a humid climate, all you can think about is how much hotter it is going to make it. Only when I was working did I feel as though I was over heating. The team seemed to adjust to the climate better than I anticipated. God thing! He made it tolerable so that we were able to do what we came to do. I miss the moisture.

The second thing is that I have been quite emotional over my return to Bozeman. Before I went, I expected to gain some friendships and to have a little bit of a hard time leaving. I did not realize that I would get so attached to so many different people and the way of life in the Philippines. I find myself wanting to interact with the children. Them teaching me some Tagalog words, I not pronouncing them right, and then them all laughing at me. I find myself wanting to learn more about their personalities as it was fun to see each of theirs starting to come out. I find myself wanting the simplicity of the lifestyle without all these extra material items that we do not need. I get teary eyed every time I look at my pictures or think of a memory from the trip. It was such a growing experience and my emotions are still running wild while I try to sort them all out. It has only been one week, but I am still missing you like crazy Rehoboth.

Posted by Jess

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