Year in Review: 2017

It’s December 31st, 2017, and here I am recounting the memories of this past year. Had I wrote this a couple weeks ago, the tone would be much different. The past two weeks has stretched our little family. So I will work backwards in events, to end on a cheerier note.Read the rest

2016 – A New Year!

Well, we had intentions of sending out a Christmas email to everyone, then that turned into a New Year email and now it’s a belated Happy New Year from the Powell’s blog post. Usually I go into depth about the adventures of the past year, and there were definitely some of those.… Read the rest

Year in Review – 2014

The nice thing about operating a blog, is that you really don’t have to write a long essay on the adventures of the last year, you’ve already done that. However, people don’t always read all the posts, and may have missed out on a few things. So here is the year in summary.… Read the rest