A Temple Visit

Day 8 (Wednesday) Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu (1)Once again, we were able to sleep in, but I did not. It was another great morning in God’s word. The ladies all trickled down and we made our way to breakfast. It was our last breakfast as a group of 10 as the men were all headed back that afternoon.… Read the rest

Hinduism/Buddhism vs. Christianity

Shortly after we got back from Nepal, we had a sermon at Venture on Hinduism & Buddhism verse Christianity. I wanted to write a post similar to this before I had heard the sermon, but I think this was very well done. I am not sure I could have done better myself.… Read the rest

Leis, a Hindu Temple, Cows and Jet Lag

Day 1 (Wednesday) Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal (2) As we saw the views flying into town, we could already get a glimpse of what we were about to experience. I saw smoke stacks from brick factories lining the outskirts of the city as we were dipping below the smog and haze. I could see bits and pieces of the traffic that we were about to driving in.… Read the rest