Vantage Point

Up above Thompson Track in The Dalles, there is a water tower. It is a steep paved road that leads up to this point. From this vantage point, you can see The Dalles in its entirety. The other day, while waiting for Jess to come home from a weekend up in Coeur d’alene, I took Elijah and Flynn up the hill to take some pictures of the surrounding area. It was a good effort pushing the stroller up the hill. Once at the top, I first tried taking some pictures of the bridge and dam on the east side of the river with an old 400mm Konica mount lens, but it was a bit too extreme and I couldn’t get enough in the frame for an interesting image. I then slapped on the Panasonic 20mmf1.7 and captured a panorama of the view and called it good. Elijah wasn’t liking the wind and Flynn was rearing to go once again, so we headed back down the hill. Here’s a few images.

Upper East Side Panorama

Taken from above Thompson Track in The Dalles, OR. LUMIX G7 20mm f1.7

LUMIX G7 20mm f1.7

The Dalles

Looking NW from above Thompson Track in The Dalles, OR. LUMIX G7 20mm f1.7

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