What to make for dinner? What to make for dinner? This question is always lingering around in my head before I head home from work. Do I want to take the time to make something, or just throw something together really quick? As I sat at my desk, pondering what to make, I thought about popovers. I recently got a popover recipe from a co-worker and I have been dying to try it. Tonight was the night! Now what to make with the popovers? I decided to have the Maple Glazed Chicken that I made a while ago. (This was a recipe I got from my co-worker as well.) This made a great entree for my popovers to sit next too. I whipped up the popovers quickly and set them in the oven. Then I waited to see how they would turn out. While they were baking, I made the chicken impatiently wondering what the popovers were looking like. The light in our oven is broken, so I can’t even take that glance. A few minutes before the timer went off, I opened the oven door to some beautiful looking popovers. Which ended up tasty pretty good as well. Trying new things is always fun!


Thanks again to talented photographer, Brent Powell!

Posted by Jess

I am a Christ follower, wife to the most amazing guy, and a full time mommy which I wouldn't trade for the world. I am a lover of photography and a wannabe world traveler. Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. I love sharing my adventures old and new with anyone that will listen.