A Trail of Photos

As I had talked about last time, our adventures this summer have taken us to many new locations. However, we have spent a lot of time near to home as well. The summer always provides some great opportunities to go out, grab the camera and have some fun. We have had a great time perusing local trails and taking pictures of the little things, and sometimes the big things. We have two primary trails that we spend time on. Burke Park, also referred to by the locals as Pete’s Hill, is on the east end of town and has a wonderful trail system with access to downtown, the public library, the hospital and connects with many other trails to get you around town. Being on top of a hill, it gives you some great views of Bozeman, specifically downtown, campus and the 360Ëš panorama of mountain ranges. We regularly utilize this trail for a chunk of our running routes and often connect it with our favorite trail. The Gardner Park, or Sourdough Nature Trail, is probably one of the longest trails in Bozeman and is densely packed with trees, bushes and other plant life. It runs along a creek, which adds to the ambiance and makes you forget that there are housing developments on the other side of the forest grove. We have spent much time on this trail, and will probably continue to do so. Enjoy my photos! (click on the image to enlarge)

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