Time with the Cuz

I was lucky enough to have my cousin Jenni come and visit. She arrived on Thursday and was able to stay till today. I have not seen my cousin since Brent’s and my wedding. We had a great time reminiscing, catching up on each others lives, and just having an all out good time. Not too often do we get family to come out and visit us just to visit. Most of the time they have another agenda. As I still had to work and I had the yard sale fundraiser, Krista took off the most time with her. Between my mom, Krista, and Brent and I, Jenni had quite the adventure over here in Montana. With hikes, ice cream, floating down the river, more ice cream, campfires, a bbq, yard games, apples to apples, more ice cream and more apples to apples, and lastly a tasty goodbye breakfast, her six day stay in Montana was a great one. Cousin Jenni (said with the Forest Gump accent) was a blast to have around. Hopefully the next time will not be another three years from now. That is too long when it comes to seeing family. It is great to see the way the Lord has worked in her life over the past few years and to see the joy that she has in serving him. Please enjoy the photos below. We took her to our favorite Bozeman trail!

Posted by Jess

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