Hope Walk

On Saturday, June 11th, Brent and I had the opportunity to help out with the Hope Walk. There is a program here in Bozeman through Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach that brings children from different orphanages around the world to Bozeman and the surrounding area.The point of this is for the children to have a four week vacation that would never have been possible otherwise. This also and more importantly allows the children to experience life in a family with the opportunity to be adopted. This program also provides basic medical and dental care. Most families that host these children do so with the desire to adopt and most do! This is a great opportunity for these children and the families interested in adoption.  Brent and I were the crossing guards at the event. It was a 6k walk/run, but not an official race. We walked around the downtown area of Bozeman and handed out flyers to bring awareness to the Summer of Hope program as well as adoption in general. It was way to raise support for these children to come over.

The neat thing about this program that is exciting to both Brent and I is that there are two boys from Rehoboth that will becoming next Wednesday, July 6th. We are also excited to see their escorts as we know one of them, but are unsure if we know the other. This will be a great opportunity for us to see them as it has only been a few months since we have been back. I have been looking forward to seeing all of them and am excited that they are coming to me.

This is also a big encouragement to continue to work on fundraisers for the building of the new baby home as part of the Rehoboth expansion plan. I love that even though we left Rehoboth, we can still be apart of it from thousands of miles away here in Montana. Check back for updates about fundraisers and ways that you can help support Rehoboth. We are planning a garage sale & bake sale fundraiser for August. Be on the lookout and let everyone know as this is for a great cause! Brent and I left apart of ourselves back there in the Philippines and do not want to let it go. This is our way of staying connected.

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