Part 2 of my adventure to Nepal with Approach Intl.

We got into Dubai in the late evening. The flight was long, but not too bad. We both got good naps and felt pretty good upon arrival. Andy booked us a hotel just off the airport for our layover. After going through immigration, getting my stuff searched through, shuttling to the hotel and dropping off our bags, we headed into the city to see some sights.… Read the rest

The Meetup

Part 1 of many about my adventure to Nepal with Approach Intl.

Andy was flying in from Bozeman, and I was joining him in Seattle. It was a four hour drive up from The Dalles, so I was able to get in a bit of last minute time with my family before leaving them for two weeks.Read the rest

Year in Review: 2017

It’s December 31st, 2017, and here I am recounting the memories of this past year. Had I wrote this a couple weeks ago, the tone would be much different. The past two weeks has stretched our little family. So I will work backwards in events, to end on a cheerier note.Read the rest

Our Norwegian Adventure | Reykjavík

I know. I know. Reykjavík is in Iceland not Norway, but it is tied to our Norwegian adventure. It will forever be part of that time when we went to Norway and had a little added bonus on our way home. We arrived at the airport not knowing where we would stay or if we would even get a place.… Read the rest

Our Norwegian Adventure | Bergen

Elijah had another successful night sleeping away in our old Bergen home away from home. His schedule was back to being somewhat normal which made for an easier trip for all of us. It helped us to really enjoy the rest of our time in Norway. We frequented the local grocery store Kiwi in Tromsø and were glad to find one across the street from our house in Bergen.… Read the rest

Our Norwegian Adventure | Long Travel Day(s)

Our Norwegian Adventure

Long Travel Day(s)

We started off our first day of travel by waking up too early in the morning. Elijah decided that he was way to excited about his first international trip that he needed to wake us up at 5 a.m. We knew that it would be a long couple days and were hoping for a little more sleep.… Read the rest

A Weekend of Firsts

Last Thursday, Elijah and I took off on his first commercial plane ride with my good friend and her little lady. We headed to the East Coast to visit our friend and her family. We had a great time going into Washington, D.C. for two days and spending the rest of our time relaxing and just seeing our friend.… Read the rest

Pittsburgh and the G7

I recently was “transferred” for my job. I am still based out of Bozeman, but am now part of the Information Systems team for the parent company, Woodard & Curran. As you might recall, I traveled to Portland, ME in the Fall of 2014, this was to visit the very same company.… Read the rest

Year in Review – 2014

The nice thing about operating a blog, is that you really don’t have to write a long essay on the adventures of the last year, you’ve already done that. However, people don’t always read all the posts, and may have missed out on a few things. So here is the year in summary.… Read the rest

NYC/Scotland – The Return Home

iPhone 5s - NYC-Scotland (8 of 9)We got back on that double decker bus one more time, to return to the airport, to return home. We had a long day ahead of us. It was sad to be at the end of such a wonderful trip, but we left without regret on the time spent. From the window outside our terminal, we watched the busses deliver more people to and from the airport.… Read the rest

Scotland Day 6 – The Holyrood Walk

The car had to be returned by 10 am, so we had a relaxing morning in our little attic apartment atop the spiral stair. The living room had a large bookshelf with a wide assortment of books, so we spent some time looking at the selection. We had plenty of time, so we ventured out for a quick run.… Read the rest

Scotland Day 3 – The Road Up North

We started our day off with a hearty English breakfast at the B&B. I think it was the first time I’ve had beans for breakfast. We loaded our bags into our little Hyundai i10 and headed off. The road north was quiet, switching from double to single lane highways. I was finally getting the hang of driving, far less nervous than the day prior.… Read the rest