Hood River Oregon Life

The Local Turkey Trot

Since I started running nine years ago, if I wasn’t out of town or traveling on Thanksgiving day, I have been out at the local Thanksgiving day run burning a few calories before the big feast of the day. This is the perfect way to make sure you still get your workout in before you stuff your face full of food.… Read the rest


Thanksgiving in a new land

We spent our first Thanksgiving in the PNW and it was a beautiful light rainy day. I don’t think I have ever spent a Thanksgiving away from my sister, so this year was hard. We normally start our day by heading outside to participate¬†in the local Huffing for Stuffing race.… Read the rest


Huffing for Stuffing

Last week marked the annual celebration of Thanksgiving. As we had done the previous year, we decided to run the Huffing for Stuffing 10k to benefit the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. Not only does this race support a great cause, but it also get us off our lazy rears to do something good for a change.… Read the rest


My First Turkey

Brent and I hosted Thanksgiving again this year, but we were in charge of the meal. I woke up bright and early at 6 to prepare our post Huffing for Stuffing Race caramel rolls. While the dough was rising, I prepared my first turkey.… Read the rest


The only allowed exception in early holiday fare

As each store continues to light up with ads for Christmas, catering to kids, moms, grandparents, even dogs, I notice that with each passing year, the commercialization of the holiday season comes earlier and earlier. Why do we need to stock up on Christmas trinkets and bobbles nearly two month ahead?… Read the rest