Background Photographer

A couple weeks back, Jess had a photo session with a friend and her boyfriend in Hood River. I tagged along and wandered around with my camera while she took their photos. I’m going to try to be better about posting my images on the blog.… Read the rest


Oh Spring!

As the days have become longer, the weather has improved by leaps and bounds. Ironically though, this morning brought us snow. It’s not really all that surprising though, as Montana weather usually throws us random bits of snow through June, even if the day prior was a whopping 80Ëš!… Read the rest


Spring in Montana

After getting back from summer in Tennessee, Brent and I decided to take some time to enjoy a nice spring afternoon in Montana. With the temperatures nearing 50 degrees, we spent the afternoon tossing around the frisbee and then enjoyed a nice walk together.… Read the rest