Bozeman Half Marathon

I got up not too crazy early in the morning and started getting ready. I headed out the door by 6:40 a.m. to make the 7:00 a.m. shuttle bus to the start. This is the part about running a race by yourself is weird.… Read the rest

Just One Month Away

One month from today is the marathon. I will be out there hitting the streets of Portland probably thinking about the hundreds of miles I logged, hours of hitting the pavement and trails, preparing myself mentally for that very moment. I wonder how I will be feeling.… Read the rest

16 Miler – Killed it!

We started off our morning run with staggered starts once again. This is the best way for us to reach our potentials and listen to our own bodies. It was only 42 degrees when I headed out the door, so I quickly went and grabbed my arm warmers for a second try.… Read the rest

Runnin’ Thoughts

With my next half marathon less than two weeks away, I am off the wall excited. I will be running solo. No one else has registered to run the race purposely because I am running it, nor did I register because someone else is running it.… Read the rest

Gravelly Mountains

Friday night Brent and I took off with the Subaru loaded with camping gear and our friends, Scott and Sara Swanson (newlyweds)! We headed south of Bozeman to the Gravelly Mountain Range where we had ran the half at the Madison Marathon.… Read the rest

Retirement (new shoes)

As most of you may know, Jess and I recently purchased some new running shoes. Jess logged around 1,000 miles of travel, while I estimate around 800 miles on mine. I would like to take the time to say that these miles include hiking as well as running.… Read the rest

Bozeman Trail Run

Brent and I knew that their were several trails throughout Bozeman, but never thought too much about running on them. After we ran our second half marathon last year, Brent decided to map out a new fun run that used the trails on the east side of town.… Read the rest

All I can say is, WOW!

I sat down Friday night in front of the computer and started mapping out an 18 mile run for the next morning. As I was mapping it out, I could not help but thinking to myself how far 18 miles actually is.… Read the rest

New Running Kicks

After putting over a thousand miles on my last pair of running shoes, I finally went out and got these sweet blue kicks. I fortunately had previously chosen a pair that wore evenly and had continued to help me stay injury free for the year.… Read the rest

My Brights Were On (Madison Marathon)

Okay, so some of you (facebook people) may know what the title refers to, but to the rest here is the whole story.

Jess and I rose early Sunday morning for the hour journey to Ennis, MT for the forth annual Madison Marathon where we would be running the half.… Read the rest