Three Weeks Later

Motivation where are you?

I have still had no motivation or desire to go on a run. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m that type of runner that needs something to train towards. Even if I know that my marathon training is going to start in 4 months, it still is something that gets me out there to run.… Read the rest

Up the Hill | Runner Problems


Back at it

I’ve been running again consecutively after having 3 weeks off at the end of 2017 and the beginning of the year. (Which is also why you haven’t seen a running post lately). With traveling for family events and my miscarriage, running just didn’t happen. I probably should have gotten out there and just went for it.… Read the rest

It’s Gone!

After a month of delays that kept coming, our house finally closed yesterday! It was a rough ride especially for me. I spend my days at my parent’s house just thinking about our current life and all that has gone on. I don’t see my friends since they are miles away, Brent is away at work and I just find myself wondering what to do with my time.… Read the rest

Thanksgiving in a new land

We spent our first Thanksgiving in the PNW and it was a beautiful light rainy day. I don’t think I have ever spent a Thanksgiving away from my sister, so this year was hard. We normally start our day by heading outside to participate¬†in the local Huffing for Stuffing race.… Read the rest

Finding Our Bearing

We’ve been here a week now, the U-Haul has been returned, the storage unit filled, bags unpacked and a few days of work under my belt. I’ve been getting used to the commute, but I think with views like this, I’ll come to enjoy this part of my day.

The first days of my new job were standard new hire fare.… Read the rest

Leaving Bozeman

I started saying goodbye to Bozeman back in July when Brent actively started applying for jobs around the Pacific Northwest. Now, it has always been a dream of ours to leave Bozeman. I wanted an adventure. I had only ever moved from the northern part of Montana down to the Gallatin Valley with my parents when I was 12.… Read the rest