Experiencing a Loss | Miscarriage Part 3

News came

Two fridays before Christmas, I couldn’t help myself. I took another pregnancy test and walked out of the bathroom to tell Brent that I was still pregnant. I chuckled a little in relief knowing that I was in fact really pregnant. There was still so much to do. I needed to find a doctor because even after living in Oregon for over a year, I had procrastinated because I really didn’t want to give up seeing the practice in Bozeman.… Read the rest

Gravelly Mountain Range

Sometimes, even when you are so busy that a break seems like a bad idea, it’s good to get away. That is precisely how I went into our trip up to the Gravelly Mountain range near Ennis, MT that weekend. We headed out after work on Friday, making just a short stop at the grocery store.… Read the rest

A Saturday Drive

Since I was still not feeling that great on Saturday, we decided to go out and take some photos. It has been a while since we have devoted set hours to this activity. We drove around the valley trying to find some new and fun spots to take pictures. We ended up close to the Spanish Peaks which gave us an amazing view of the Bridger Mountains.… Read the rest

One Backpacking Trip

A few weekends ago, Brent and I took some friends up to Pine Creek Lake that we had discovered last year. To be honest, I didn’t really want to go because there was a good chance that it was going to rain. Brent and our friends still wanted to go, so I of course went with anyways.… Read the rest

A Hike and a Campfire

Last night we had a friend make his way into town. We took it as an opportunity to take him on a hike in our wonderful mountains. He usually comes down when the weather is bad, so it was our first opportunity to show him what we love about being in Bozeman.… Read the rest

Spring in Montana

After getting back from summer in Tennessee, Brent and I decided to take some time to enjoy a nice spring afternoon in Montana. With the temperatures nearing 50 degrees, we spent the afternoon tossing around the frisbee and then enjoyed a nice walk together. We decided to pull out the cameras to capture Montana coming back to life.… Read the rest