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Pumpkin Patch Fun

At the beginning of October, we went up to Kent, WA to visit our friends that just moved there from the east coast. It is so nice to have them closer and we can’t wait for more opportunities to visit them.… Read the rest


Flat Tire

My escape from reality has been my runs lately. Although, I guess I’m not really escaping reality when I spend most of that time thinking about what is going on in our lives right now. However, it is a time that calms me down and brings me a little peace.… Read the rest


The last colors of fall

We have been treated to a longer than usual fall this year. Typically, the ground has been covered with snow by now, at least for a couple days. It is fortunate for me though, since I’ve procrastinated on scheduling a sprinkler blow out.… Read the rest


Delinquent Photographer

I’ve been sitting on some photos lately and decided I should share some of the wonderful fall weather that we’ve been having. It is so unusual to have fall colors last so long. As I’ve summed up Montana weather before, there’s four seasons: winter, still winter, summer and almost winter.… Read the rest