Snow Day

Alright all you all. This Montana girl has been wanting snow and now that it is almost spring here in the state of Oregon, it has come! I can’t lie that I wasn’t liking the sun and warmer temperatures, but I was sad about Elijah missing out on snow adventures. Well, it came Saturday night and there was barely anything on the ground.… Read the rest

Flat Tire

My escape from reality has been my runs lately. Although, I guess I’m not really escaping reality when I spend most of that time thinking about what is going on in our lives right now. However, it is a time that calms me down and brings me a little peace. I talk with God about what is going on and share with Him fears, doubts and joy.… Read the rest

Run of Course…

What to do to pass the time while Brent is at work? Why run of course! Now if you have ever been in the Columbia River Gorge and stopped in any town running along side the river, you will know how hilly they all are. Also, if you know the area of Bozeman that I lived in, you will know of the lack of hills. … Read the rest