Lighting up the sky

I was introduced to Rudy during an assignment for work. He is the 2018 inductee to the Skyline Award for Excellence for his service to White Salmon, Skyline Hospital and the Columbia River Gorge. I was as his house to snag a couple pics for a newsletter. While chatting with him, he brought up that he sets up a 40 foot lighted “tree” on the bluff outside his home.… Read the rest

Christmas Tree Farm | A New Form of Tree Hunting

Brent and I have been married for almost 10 years. That means this Christmas will be our tenth one together. It is so much fun to think about that. We don’t have a lot of traditions established yet. Mostly because we just did whatever was going on with our families and our friends.… Read the rest

It’s Gone!

After a month of delays that kept coming, our house finally closed yesterday! It was a rough ride especially for me. I spend my days at my parent’s house just thinking about our current life and all that has gone on. I don’t see my friends since they are miles away, Brent is away at work and I just find myself wondering what to do with my time.… Read the rest

Finding the Perfect Tree

Brent and I have made it a tradition to go and cut down our Christmas tree in the mountains every year. These last 4 years we have done it the day of the Christmas Stroll in downtown Bozeman. We make a Christmas day out of it and usually end it with a Christmas movie.… Read the rest

During the Holidays

There is nothing better during the holidays than seeing family! As it is always a joy throughout the year, around the holidays it is extra¬†special. It is the time of year that you realize just how important and wonderful family is in your life. As the holidays rolled in for Brent and I, we were excited to be spending out time not out on the road.… Read the rest

Making People Fat for the Holidays

Over the past several years, my mom, sister and I have gotten together to make Christmas cookies. It has been a blast. Usually, we just make my grandma’s awesome White Cookies and then maybe one or two other cookies that we are familiar with making. Last year, we spent hours decorating the white cookies with all different colors of frosting.… Read the rest

An Indoor Winter Wonderland

Over the last couple weeks, my friend and I had the opportunity to plan our work Christmas party. Our owners decided to hold it in our new greenhouse located at the store I work at. In the past years, we have had the party in our downstairs conference room. Though it is a decent size, when you put 75 people or more down there, it can get a little cramped.… Read the rest

Christmas Tree Hunting

Along with the annual Bozeman Christmas Stroll, another tradition that Jess and I have been faithful to is the procuring of our seasonal, indoor evergreen. We have decided that whenever possible, it is best to go to the natural habitat of such a specimen to ensure the full authenticity of the act.… Read the rest

Christmas Stroll

Jess and I have made it a tradition to go to the annual Christmas Stroll in downtown Bozeman. If you’ve never been to Bozeman, it has a beautiful, historic downtown that the city closes a section off for various events throughout the year, this happens to be our favorite event. There is something to be said when strolling along the busy, people packed streets.… Read the rest

The only allowed exception in early holiday fare

As each store continues to light up with ads for Christmas, catering to kids, moms, grandparents, even dogs, I notice that with each passing year, the commercialization of the holiday season comes earlier and earlier. Why do we need to stock up on Christmas trinkets and bobbles nearly two month ahead?… Read the rest

Christmas Stroll

The annual Christmas stroll in Bozeman, MT. The city of Bozeman closes down a portion of downtown and invites vendors and artists to come and entertain the town. Shot with a Nikon D3100 and quickly edited with iMovie.… Read the rest