Experiencing a Loss | Miscarriage Part 3

News came

Two fridays before Christmas, I couldn’t help myself. I took another pregnancy test and walked out of the bathroom to tell Brent that I was still pregnant. I chuckled a little in relief knowing that I was in fact really pregnant. There was still so much to do. I needed to find a doctor because even after living in Oregon for over a year, I had procrastinated because I really didn’t want to give up seeing the practice in Bozeman.… Read the rest

Three Other Runners

A typical yet not so typical morning

The other day, I was out on my morning run trying to get it in before my little man and I were off to start our busy day outside of the house. I had gone back and forth about getting out. Mostly, I just wanted an hour or so to myself before he woke up, but lately he has been waking up between 5:30 and 6.… Read the rest

Today’s Thoughts 

As I sit here writing this I have had just one thing on my mind today, my friends back in Bozeman. It has been three weeks since we left Bozeman. It doesn’t seem that long yet, it seems like forever. When will I get to see them next. I’ve spent this much time not seeing them before due to vacations overlapping and life in general.… Read the rest

Imaginary Neighborhood

I know I have already talked about this a little. When you get a card in the mail that says “in my imaginary neighborhood you live right next door…”, I can’t help but shed more tears over the recent move. I can’t help but think of the tears that we have shed and the ones that were shed on our behalf.… Read the rest

Leaving Bozeman

I started saying goodbye to Bozeman back in July when Brent actively started applying for jobs around the Pacific Northwest. Now, it has always been a dream of ours to leave Bozeman. I wanted an adventure. I had only ever moved from the northern part of Montana down to the Gallatin Valley with my parents when I was 12.… Read the rest

A Little Shakespeare Fun

Every summer Brent and I make it a priority to check out the local Shakespeare in the Parks plays. They always put on two free summer plays and travel throughout Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. … Read the rest

The last colors of fall

We have been treated to a longer than usual fall this year. Typically, the ground has been covered with snow by now, at least for a couple days. It is fortunate for me though, since I’ve procrastinated on scheduling a sprinkler blow out.

Last week, Jess challenged me with planning a fun date night for the two of us, as we have both been busy lately and in need of some “us” time.… Read the rest

Run to the Pub 2014

The first race of the year has now come and gone, but it was a fun one! The Run to the Pub takes place every March on the weekend of Saint Patrick’s Day. There is a 10k and a half marathon. I tried to get everyone that I knew to run it, but only ended up with 3 of us.… Read the rest

The Recruiting Officer

Last night, we went with several friends to the second Montana Shakespeare in the Parks play. It was terrific. They did such an amazing job. I love this tradition of going each year that Brent and I started the first year we were married. Sometimes we go alone and sometimes with friends.… Read the rest


So… We are headed to Nepal in about five weeks and while there we will get to do some amazing things, at really high elevations. I haven’t been training much this year and my job has kept me pretty tied to a desk so my level of fitness isn’t quite where I would like it to before a trip of this caliber.… Read the rest

Run to the Pub 2013

So Proud!Last weekend, I was able to run the half marathon at the annual Run to the Pub here in Bozeman. This year was special though. It was named the #2 half marathon in the United States by Runner’s World. This brought in a lot of out of towners. This is not the only reason it was special.… Read the rest