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To Go or Not to Go

Morning Runs

Do you ever have those mornings where you really want to run, but are crunched for time? Let’s face it. Most morning runs start out this way. For me, I really do love running. I have my mind set on running every week day and then to see how the weekend plays out.… Read the rest

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The Best Running Buddy

Running Buddy

I had been running for several years and had convinced my husband to run with me a few times. I even got him and my sister to run my first marathon with me. It was an exciting start to my running, but then something happened.… Read the rest

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Why I Started Running

I was just lazy

I haven’t looked back on why I started running for several years now. October marks my 8th year of running. I couldn’t be more happy that I made the decision to start and make it a part of my everyday life.… Read the rest

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Three Other Runners

A typical yet not so typical morning

The other day, I was out on my morning run trying to get it in before my little man and I were off to start our busy day outside of the house. I had gone back and forth about getting out.… Read the rest

Bringing Back the Running Posts Run/Hike/Bike

Bringing Back the Running Posts

There was a time when…

Before Elijah came, I spent a lot of time blogging about my runs. I loved being able to share my struggles and accomplishments. I had good runs, bad runs, exciting races, and some not so exciting races.… Read the rest


Our Norwegian Adventure | Tromsø

We arrived in Tromsø tired. It was another good plane ride for the kiddo, but we were still not caught up on sleep. None of us slept on the plane. It took us a moment to figure out where our Airbnb entrance was.… Read the rest


The Training Continues

I remember the days where I blogged almost weekly or daily about running. I had a desire to share with the world how my runs went and it seemed as though people really enjoyed reading the posts. Now, I just don’t know what to say about running.… Read the rest


Belated Boise

Last October (2016) Jess ran yet another marathon. This time it was the City of Trees marathon in Boise, ID. This run occurred at a vital junction of our lives, I had just wrapped up my time as a Systems Admin with Woodard & Curran (TREC) and we were in the process of packing up the house to move to The Dalles, OR.… Read the rest


And Another

I don’t know if you remember about a month ago, I posted a blog about Brent and I beginning our marathon training. He had ran my first marathon with me back in 2011 at the Portland Marathon here in Oregon. From then on, he said he would never run a marathon again unless it was a really awesome one.… Read the rest


Marathon Training Begins

Today is day one of training for my 8th marathon and Brent’s 2nd. Yes, Brent is going to run another marathon! How did I convince him of this? Well it actually didn’t take much because we are going to run a super awesome once in a lifetime marathon.… Read the rest