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Finally ~ Heat, Running, and Photography

Finally the sun is shining and the snow is not falling. Brent and I enjoyed a nice forty minute run last night with no snow or rain, just the sun. It was 54 degrees. On Friday, we will be headed to Boise where it is suppose to be in the 70’s. Not too sure how the running thing is going to work since we are not use to the heat. Last nights run was very warm. I guess we have to start getting use to the heat some how. After the run and dinner, we were trying to decide how to finish off our evening as we found some time to relax during yet another busy week. All of a sudden, I realized that we both have cameras!

The Difference

The difference that one whole year and some can make for many things is huge. In my case, I am talking about running. I started running in October of 2009 because of my work. I sit at a desk all day and only get up and about maybe once or twice throughout my eight hour work day for about five minutes at a time. It honestly depends on the day, but for the majority of my 40 hour weeks I spend them at the desk staring at a computer screen. I had tried running a few times before, but I never kept with it. In high school, we ran the mile once a week for gym class my freshman and sophomore years. I think the fastest I ran was about a 7:30 min/mi pace. Not that great for one mile, but good enough for me. (I have not ran a single mile flat out since high school, but for my first race I clocked a 6:30 min/mi.) Back then, I could not even dream about going any further. Too bad there was not any one around that could tell me how great running can be once you get past the first few miles. I still do not like running a single mile let alone three or less. I am even getting to the point where four is starting to become boring. I bet I had it in me then, but I did not understand the joy of it all. It is not enough time to really enjoy being outside taking it all in. It is over before you know it and then what? I love the distance.


Yes, this is about me, Jessica, and how crazy fast I am at running. They call me the speedster! Yeah right, not in this lifetime. Although I am happy with the times I put up as I know I work my hardest, I am not the speedster. In fact I am talking about those that ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. It is pretty much the marathon of all marathons. You have to get a qualifying time in order to be eligible to register. This is sitting at a 3:40:00 for my age group and in 2013 it will be changed to 3:35:00. For me this seems fast as I start preparing for my first marathon. I am hoping to be any where between 4:00:00 and 4:15:00. For all I know, it could take me longer. We will see when I start getting into the longer miles. That could end up being almost an entire hour or close to it. Then there is the little bit about actually getting in as the race closes faster and faster with each passing year, which is one reason that they are increasing the qualification times by 5 minutes.