Finally ~ Heat, Running, and Photography

Finally the sun is shining and the snow is not falling. Brent and I enjoyed a nice forty minute run last night with no snow or rain, just the sun. It was 54 degrees. On Friday, we will be headed to Boise where it is suppose to be in the 70’s.… Read the rest

The Difference

The difference that one whole year and some can make for many things is huge. In my case, I am talking about running. I started running in October of 2009 because of my work. I sit at a desk all day and only get up and about maybe once or twice throughout my eight hour work day for about five minutes at a time.… Read the rest


Yes, this is about me, Jessica, and how crazy fast I am at running. They call me the speedster! Yeah right, not in this lifetime. Although I am happy with the times I put up as I know I work my hardest, I am not the speedster. In fact I am talking about those that ran the Boston Marathon yesterday.… Read the rest