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April 10, 2011 / / Photo/Video
April 2, 2011 / / Life

There is always work to be done. How you do it depends on where you are. Where you are influences what you have. What you have has bearing on how fast it can be done. In some places, work will be automated. In other places there will be some or even none. This work was done with fewer than some and more than none, although some would consider it as none. A sole cement mixer turned over and over, churning it’s contents with consistency. Sometimes with sand and other times with gravel, there was rarely a break for the little yellow mixer. Once ready to pour, the concrete was removed of it’s mixing confines and then placed on a simple sheet of plywood with 2×4’s installed on edge around the perimeter to retain the soon to be solid mass. The mixture was then shoveled into what would approximate a five gallon bucket that would be carried to it final destination. This is the bucket brigade. Back and forth, back and forth, concrete here, and concrete there. The buckets had been modified to aid in the motions required to transfer the material. Blocks of wood had been nailed to it’s inside rim. We lift while standing still, they lift in motion, never missing a step. Almost dance-like in it’s fluidity. As the bucket is hoisted to it’s resting position on the shoulder, both hands still remain to steady it’s position and to relieve pressure from the weight.

March 29, 2011 / / Life

Among the many things that we experienced while in the Philippines, we experienced a fairly noisy environment. We were well away from the big city bustle, but that didn’t keep the noise down. But before you begin to think that the noise bothered me, think again, it didn’t. The neighbor dog barking wildly, Two-stroke motorcycles, diesel cars and trucks and other forms of locomotion, many without noise suppression, constantly passed by Rehoboth in a fairly steady stream. Now I can only speak for myself, but it didn’t bother me. I quickly became used to it. The night proved to be in contrast, with nary a sound beside the wind, an occasional conversation drifting by and some insects clicking and clacking in the dark. While it is about the same noise level as home, it was somehow magnified by the contrast between day and night. I enjoyed those moments before heading off to bed, maybe holding a deep conversation with a team member, or just taking my time back up to the dorm to sleep. Even as a laid my head down for sleep, I could hear the peaceful silence, even through the steady snoring of some of the other men. I liked that. I wish that opening the windows wide was something you could do during Montana’s extended winter season.

March 14, 2011 / / Missions

Well, I don’t have a lot of news to report for today, but we continue to make progress on the clinic. Plumbing has proven to be more challenging than originally…

March 7, 2011 / / Life

Brent and I had the privilege to take a day and spend it snowshoeing around Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park on Saturday with some friends. We spent hours trekking around trails enjoying God’s wonderful creation of hotspots. It was quite the adventure, as we have never seen Yellowstone outside the context of summer. Snowshoeing has brought us a new view of God’s glory in which He has surrounded us. Please enjoy these photos.

February 15, 2011 / / Missions

Jim Litle shares a bit about the upcoming trip to the Philippines in March, 2011. Click through to see the video!

February 15, 2011 / / Family

Jess and I had the opportunity to go to Georgetown Lake this last weekend to spend time with my Brother, his wife Annie and their recently turned one-year-old Evelyn. Click through for some pictures!

February 9, 2011 / / Photo/Video

Story MillThe story mill in Bozeman, MT is probably one of my favorite places to visit when I feel the muse to take some picture. It is probably cliche for me to continue to go there, as it is popular among the photography crowd, but I do enjoy the vacant structure. However, I am unsettled at the rate of the property’s destitution. Four or five years ago, there was barely any graffiti or vandalism, but it is now covered with the marking more familiar to an urban setting or train yard, and every door or window has been broken. Click past the break for the rest of the story and a photo gallery.

January 24, 2011 / / Missions

Josh McKenzie, leader of the Montana short term mission team, lays out the basic of what will be done once the team of 14 individuals travels to Rehoboth Children’s Home in the Philippines, in March of 2011. The team will be aiding in the construction of a medical center. If you would like to support this trip, please visit this site and donate money to the various individuals traveling to the Philippines this coming March.

December 5, 2010 / / Photo/Video

The annual Christmas stroll in Bozeman, MT. The city of Bozeman closes down a portion of downtown and invites vendors and artists to come and entertain the town. Shot with a Nikon D3100 and quickly edited with iMovie.

November 9, 2010 / / Photo/Video

Video journaling a hike along the Bridger ridge trail. Shot with a Canon Vixia HF10 and edited in iMovie ’09. Music is “The Theme” by E C H O E…

September 29, 2010 / / Photo/Video

A quick video of Yellowstone National Park in the early Fall, 2010. Shot with a Canon HF10 and edited with iMovie. Music is by E C H O E D and the song title is L.O.R.D.