Errands & a Child

Day 2 (Thursday) Kathmandu, Nepal

The alarm went off early in the morning, so that Brent could eat breakfast and catch the bus to take him to where he would start trekking. I went down to breakfast with him so I could spend a few more moments with him.… Read the rest


Hinduism/Buddhism vs. Christianity

Shortly after we got back from Nepal, we had a sermon at Venture on Hinduism & Buddhism verse Christianity. I wanted to write a post similar to this before I had heard the sermon, but I think this was very well done.… Read the rest


to Pokhara

After spending an afternoon and evening in Kathmandu, experiencing the busyness of the city, the depravity of the temple and some of the local cuisine, dhal-bhat (dhal=lentils and bhat=rice), we were all exhausted. We also spent about an hour or so being briefed on our trekking expedition to start the next morning at 6:15 (although in my tiredness, I heard 6:50).… Read the rest


Capital K



You can’t visit Nepal without some realization of either the Hindu or Buddhist religion and their unique culture. With the population being predominately Hindu, marks of the eastern religion are all about. Prayer flags, temples and sacred cows are intermixed with stores, schools and homes.… Read the rest


Leis, a Hindu Temple, Cows and Jet Lag

Day 1 (Wednesday) Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal (2) As we saw the views flying into town, we could already get a glimpse of what we were about to experience. I saw smoke stacks from brick factories lining the outskirts of the city as we were dipping below the smog and haze.… Read the rest


Traveling To Nepal

NepalWe started our adventure on Sunday afternoon with a 2 hour drive to Billings. We met up with all of the team members for our last meal on American soil for the next couple weeks. The ladies were fortunate enough to be able to stay at a house where most of us got actual beds or a couch.… Read the rest


International Traveling

Travel 6

I Love Airplanes!

Lets get some things straight. I love airplanes. Who doesn’t, right? The fact that we can overcome gravity with cleaver engineering and by the brute force of a jet engine, propel ourselves to locations deemed impractical just several short decades ago.… Read the rest


A Living Goddess

There were some things that I experienced in Nepal that hit me harder than others. These are the things that I cannot get myself to stop thinking about. I still want to write a post about each day. I just feel like I need to share this thing with you all now.… Read the rest


Processing Nepal

As I have been sitting at my work desk back in Bozeman this week, I have been trying to process all that happened in Nepal. I was overwhelmed with the work load that had been sitting before me. I have been able to make it through the work load faster than I thought.… Read the rest


And We’re Back!

First off, we are alive. We are also back home. We arrived back in Bozeman about 6pm on Saturday after four plane rides (21 hours worth), a nights stay in Bangkok, some short layovers (6 hours) and a 2 hour drive from Billings, MT.… Read the rest


And We’re Off!


Last night, we headed off to Billing to fly out on a crazy adventure. We flew out of Billings at 6am this morning, requiring us to get up at 3am. It was quite a sight as we piled our 40+, 50 lb.… Read the rest


Less than one week!

This coming Sunday we drive over to Billings to start our travels to Nepal. On Monday morning, we will be flying from Billings to Seattle to Tokyo to Bangkok (where we will spend the night in the airport) to our final destination┬áKathmandu!… Read the rest